How long does it take for the body to get rid of dairy??

topic posted Mon, September 25, 2006 - 12:10 PM by  Stillness
My older son was diagnost with lactose intolerance when he was about 18 mths, actualy, the dr. said that his allergy was way above normal, i didn`t feed my child with any dairy product, i was breastfeeding, so it should have been ok, but when i became pregnant with my second child, my firstborn was about 2 years old, he started having loose poo, i mean, he was fine, full of energy, maybe too much actualy, but he was eating sleeping and growing good, i think at that time i had allowed a few dairy ingredients in his diet, but occasionaly, like chocolate bar or cheese and onion crisps, never milk or dairy butter, now i have cut off completly all dairy sources but his digestive problem is not any better,
Does anyone knows how long it takes for the body to rid itself of dairy/lactose after we stop the intake?
Thank you.
  • First of all, if you were eating dairy while breastfeeding, you were feeding him dairy products. My mom did that too, and nobody could figure out why I was such a sick baby.

    As for how long it takes to eliminate dairy, it can be anywhere from 4-6 hours to 4-5 days depending on metabolism and the health of your digestive tract. My experience is that dairy sits in my system undigested for way longer than other foods.

    As for children's allergies, my experience is that I was diagnosed as seriously allergic as a child, but then we kind of assumed I grew out of it as I got older. Then at 22 I was getting so sick I tried eliminating every last bit of dairy, and it became apparent that even extremely small doses were causing my body harm. I would highly recommend completely eliminating dairy from your son's diet and reading lots of labels. I am still playing catch-up due to the damage caused to my stomach, esophagus, liver, and bowels now at 27. I also have fibromyalgia which causes severe chronic pain and there have been some recent discoveries regarding links to food allergies. I don't mean to sound harsh, but please think about taking these measures, and don't assume he has just "grown out of it."
    • It's also possible he might have another allergy, as well, perhaps to wheat, gluten, or some other common food, or to pollens or dust, which can set off allergies to foods during certain seasons (i.e., grass to wheat and oats, or something).

      I too, though, have long lasting side affects from eating dairy when I was younger, including rheumatic and intestinal issues.
  • My youngest grandson was so colicy we thought we would lose our minds till the doc said he was having trouble with lactose...
    he put him on this formula called "alumentum" and the cranky baby turned into mr. sunshine. He was on it for at least 6 months then they weaned him back to regular formula and later to real milk and now he's okay... weird huh?
    But maybe the alumentum would help your baby?
    Its real expensive. I think my daughter said it was regular $25 a can of the dry stuff.
    You might be able to get it as a prescription or do you have WIC? WIC paid for it per dr.'s orders for my grandson.