most of Kraft's cheeses now lactose-free

topic posted Sat, January 7, 2006 - 7:35 AM by  Deborah
In Northern California, all the shreds and crumbles say "Contains 0g lactose per serving" - on the back, in the middle of the small writing. Ditto the "Deli-Sliced" cheeses (the only form of Swiss) - you can see the top inch of each slice. ...THis is NOT the square pkg of pre-sliced or individually wrapped!!!!!!! THEY have LACTOSE (last I checked.)

The parmessian (YOU spell it! : ) is now lactose free - the big green shaker - but double-check EVERYTHING, PLEASE!

Block cheeses: regular: lactose-free. "2%"(more calcium, less saturated fat : ) : lactose-free. CRACKER-CUTS HAVE LACTOSE, AS DOES THE STRING-CHEESE!!!!

I've called and complained that they don't say it on the front, and that they don't have Cottage Cheese (Whaw!) or Sour Cream. .... I'd love it if they got more calls! : )

Oh, I didn't stop breathing, so I think they are accurate. : )
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